Our Team

Ben Rubeo– Energy:

Ben Rubeo covers the Energy Sector News across the all U.S. Market sectors for reagentsglobalmarket.com. He has over 5 years experience writing financial and business news. He is a graduate of the Central Queensland University graduating with an MBA. He has a very strong interest in stock trading and other various investments. .

Address:88 Oak Street

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Country code: 61

Email: Benrubeo@reagentsglobalmarket.com

Charlie Sellar – Financial:

Charlie Sellar writes about financial sector companies that traded in US Market. Before pursuing a financial and journalism career, He graduated from the Australian Catholic University with a degree in Economic and Mathematics. He analyzes trading strategy, individual stocks, asset classes, market sectors, and risk to reward parameters in order to provide valuable insight to the reagentsglobalmarket.com community. He has over 5 years experience writing financial and business news.

Address:36 Arthur Street

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Email: Charliesellar@reagentsglobalmarket.com

Jasper Conder – Global News:

Jasper Conder gives us an insight into the most recent news hitting the Global News Sector in Wall Street. He has been an independent financial adviser for over six years in the city and in recent years turned his experience in finance and passion for journalism into a full time role. He performs analysis of Companies and publicizes valuable information for shareholder community.

Jasper Conder is an accomplished journalist who has a passion for travel. His desire to see the world has taken him to countries around the world and given him the opportunity to report for some of the top news organizations. Now he Joined Reagents Global Market.

Address:23 Springhill Bottom Road

Phone No:(03) 6264 2026

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Email: Jasperconder@reagentsglobalmarket.com

Tyson Powlett – Emerging Stocks:

Tyson Powlett has over ten years experience in the financial services industry giving him a vast understanding of how news affects the financial markets. He is an active day trader spending the majority of his time analyzing earnings reports and watching commodities and derivatives. He has a Master Degree in Economics from Westminster University with previous roles counting Investment Banking. At Reagentsglobalmarket.com, we think the best opportunities arise from a complete understanding of all investing disciplines in order to identify the most attractive stocks at any given time. Tyson Powlett therefore analyzes each stock across a broad philosophies’ spectrum, from profound value through momentum investing. The more shareholders that are interested in the stock for reasons based on their respective investment mandates and the more likely it will move higher.

Address:24 Shadforth Street

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Email: Tysonpowlett@reagentsglobalmarket.com